I am a guide for people and organizations who are birthing new ideas or refreshing old ones.

Before we do anything together I would like you to know a few things about me:

  • I believe we are all creators participating in the ongoing emergence of reality. Our creativity manifests uniquely, is fundamentally interrelated, and impacts us all.

  • I am a designer and strategist and bring tinder and a creative spark to ideas and projects.

  • I am an entrepreneur and understand that risk and vulnerability are both necessary for any real growth.

  • I am a communicator and tell stories with fresh insight, perspective, and experience.

  • I am a mystic and believe that energy exists in the invisible spaces between all people and things.

  • I am an adventurous thinker and can tap into overlapping patterns and new hybrid ideas.

  • I am curious, compassionate, and courageous in service of the people I work with and the work itself.

  • I like to have fun, and failure is a part of the process, so we might as well have fun doing it!

  • English is my primary language (and only one). I'm embarrassed about that.

  • I love to laugh.

  • I love to sing.

Ways to work with me






My goal is to engage from a whole place, a place of univocity, where everything participates as one voice, consciously inclusive of social, economic, and ecological environments.
— Joel de Jong