I'll help you integrate your idea to expand your brand and create real impact.


Anytime you are entering a creative process, you are crossing a threshold.  Having an experienced guide to help you navigate and bring your idea into reality is crucial to success.  

As an entrepreneur Joel brings deep wisdom and experience that includes and transcends his exceptional brand guidance.
— Johnny Hartsfield, Owner
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Case Study: Branch Out

Joel is a designer, strategist, and copywriter all-in-one.
— Patricia Diaz-Kismarton, Co-Founder
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Who I've Worked With

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Wisdom from the curious, compassionate, & courageous co-creators of our desired and emerging future


Join me in learning from personal stories at the intersection of humanity and the environmental, social, and spiritual divides we are facing.  Hear from community activists, entrepreneurs, researchers, musicians, chefs, inventors, and more.  I hope these conversations will encourage us all to look at the world differently, change our patterns of thought, and get out there and engage where our passions meet the world's greatest needs. 

Joel has a unique and wonderful super power to hold space completely, making it safe and comfortable!
— Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller, Founding Member at Encode.org and Evolution at Work
Joel is empathetic interviewer and natural conversationalist!
— Michael Preston, Master Waldorf Educator

Crowdsource Choir

Reinventing choir for the 21st Century and recovering singing as an ancient communal art form that helps us participate in a magnificent whole.

A communal movement to...
Experience joy and trust  
Engage the ancient art of singing
Recover our collective song
Grow love and solidarity
Listen to others
Create music together
Harmonize with other voices
Participate in a magnificent whole
Share your heart
Revive community
Reinvent choir for the 21st century
Have fun!  

Song by Avicii. Arrangement by Joel de Jong