Brand Development

My approach to brand strategy and development hinges on the idea that a brand is a living idea with a soul and a purpose that is nested within a larger ecosystem.  When we design a brand analogous to the natural world, we create the best opportunity for thrivability. Within this ecosystem, a thriving brand is:

  • Rooted: grounded in a strong identity 
  • Resilient: ability to ward off threats
  • Flexible: can bend and adapt with the winds of change
  • Innovative: the ability to create and grow

A thriving brand has a brand soul, an internal essence from which all expressions emanate including the brand strategy.  The brand soul transcends the physical expressions of the brand and evolves along with your purpose, which is an emerging quality, and is never static. 

To approach brand strategy and development holistically I developed the Regenerative Brand Compass, which helps navigate the physical and metaphysical dimensions of a thriving brand.  

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Your brand identity is grown from your brand soul.  Consider your brand identity the first fruits of your idea because it's the initial physical representation of your brand that can be experienced and tasted from anyone who encounters it.  


Your logo is your one identifiable mark that must be an ethical appeal, emotional appeal, and logical appeal...all at once.  This highlights why logo development is no easy task. It requires everyone involved to give themselves over to the creative process, descending into the abyss of unknowing, listening all the while for input in every instance, until finally the logo is discovered and refined.  Trust the process.  Trust the process.  Trust the process.

To use the ecology metaphor, I would ask, "What living organism are you, and how would you best be identified within your ecosystem?"  I'll guide you through the process of discovering and creating your logo so you have the best opportunity to thrive.


My approach to naming is rooted in etymological curiosity, discovering and understanding the origins of words.  Much like a logo, a name is intended to convey the true essence of an idea, only hereby using the nuance of language.  


Your website is your online command center and communication hub, where you interact with your audience frequently.  I design websites on platforms that are easily updatable by both myself and my clients (if they prefer).  It is a joy of mine to co-create your online web presence.  


Content comes in many art forms, but is essentially an expression of an idea that needs to be communicated.  If your brand soul is the heart of your idea, then your content is the blood stream that flows to and through the heart.  

Constantly moving, your content is always in need of fresh insight and ideas, and I'm glad to help.


I will help you craft your message so people listen.  This is one area that often gets overlooked in the brand development process because it's not as sexy.  The truth is, writing good copy is a skill.  It's time consuming, tedious, and frankly, difficult.  I'm here to help ensure your message doesn't get lost in translation on any of your marketing communications.

Mission Vision Values

Whether you're starting something new or looking to refresh your current mission, vision, or values, I can guide you through the process.  I often do this in conjunction with other project work because the mission, vision, and values emanate from the brand soul and appear in all aspects of communication.