Natural Cycle of Creativity

The season of fall is often associated with death. The leaves die and fall to the ground, and the ground turns cold as the sun shines fewer hours. It is a season when the land lies fallow, and it's not the image that we would necessarily jump to when thinking of creativity.

With innovation and creativity being talked about so much these days, we could easily keep our calendars full of conferences and events related to helping our businesses and teams becoming more creative and discovering more frequent "aha moments." 

The season of fall teaches us a lot about finding these moments as it is actually the beginning of a natural cycle of creativity. Fall is the time of propagation, when the seeds fall to the ground and do the work of penetrating the cold ground in order to bring forth new life come spring.

The seeds are patient and lie beneath the earth's frozen surface as they wait out the winter.

The creative process is messy and beautiful, and it always begins with the necessary process of creating space. We shed our metaphorical leaves, whether it's an old mindset or a way of working, in order to do the work of propagating. 

In all cases it requires patience. So for now, enjoy the fall season not as a season of death but as a new cycle of creativity. Create space for new growth, work your way through the cold ground this winter, and wait patiently for your "aha moment" come spring.