Do You Depend on Others?

Life is much more about inter-relatedness than independence.  We need others to show us different kinds of love, joy, suffering and pain.  The more we increase our capacity to experience and FEEL these things, the more alive we become.

In the Western world we place an extremely high and inappropriate value on independence.  In fact, dependance on others can be seen as weakness.  This encourages us to mask our feelings, suppress our vulnerabilities, and hide any kind of dependance on others.  

Until we realize that dependence on others (this includes the natural world) is foundational to being alive, we will continue to limit our capabilities, our growth, and our experience in everything we do.  We will be too numb to recognize that we are not only numbing our own capacity to deepen every moment with others, but we are also limiting (and likely hurting) others in the process.

All life is inter-related.  Once we begin moving through the world with this in mind, we start waking up to a spectrum of color and emotions working together in an evolving and emerging dance in which we all have a role to play.  

In any setting, work, home, or play, our dependence on others is integral to our role as co-creators.