What does "Limen" mean?

In Latin, limen means a threshold or a beginning place.  It is a root word for the phrase liminal space.

When we are in a liminal space we are experiencing deep time, when past, present, and future can be held at once and become universal.  It is in this space when our minds become less fragmented and more whole and we see more clearly and expansively.  In short, it's a transformational moment.

My goal is to help create liminal space for people and entities at their work place.  So many businesses have become disjointed and fragmented from humanity and the earth and completely miss the opportunity for realizing potential.

Limen is a moment of readiness with clarity and unity that we strive for.  When businesses experience limen and integrate it in their culture, they become uniquely positioned for discovery, insight, and meaning.  Beyond the threshold is where the expansiveness resides and where people become alive.  Limen is where you start.