What We Do

We help organizations and multi-stakeholder initiatives find common ground within complexity and cross thresholds that are aligned with Reality.  

We are in a time of great transition on a planetary scale and by and large aren't equipped to respond to the dynamic and accelerating changes.  This can feel disorienting and chaotic, and if not addressed, can contribute to adverse outcomes and business failure.  

Leaders are in a unique position to inform the cultural health of organizations and help steer change in a direction that is not only aligned with Reality, but is also attuned to the implications of our collective actions.   

We help inform strategy and an emerging way of working that is both conscious and compassionate.  Collectively we help shape the future of work and what is needed to fully live into our humanity and heal the planet.  

Whatever the engagement you can expect to experience the following:

  • We won’t preemptively apply any single approach—No prepackaged script or process
  • We will bring in partners as needed—We won’t let pride hinder success and we will leverage our partnership network when necessary
  • We will emphasis “return on relationships.”  We believe that the quality of relationships is the most important ingredient for co-creating lasting change
  • We will attempt to grow human and system capacity. - You grow and we transition out

Whole-Systems Awareness and Change

Thriving in complexity requires a systems thinking approach to understanding multi-stakeholder influences and motivators within the defined system.  We apply diverse expertise to complex endeavors in order to identify strategic points of investment that align with the most common shared values and create the most transformative impact.  In practice we offer the following services:

  • Systems-leadership for complex collaborations
  • Systems Analysis for understanding system layers

Strategy, Leadership and Culture

We partner with organizations to develop self-organizing ways of working that empower and engage purposeful employees and flourishing work cultures.  Every individual and organization is at a different stage of its journey.  Whether it's a lunch and learn or a multi-year organizational transformation, we have the expertise and experience to help you: 

  • Move into a Self-Organizing entity
  • Upgrade your Human Operation Systems
  • Upgrade your Organizational Operating System
  • Strategically develop and expand capacity 

Regenerative Impact

A focus on regenerative impact enables a powerful, fully integrated framework and coherence for integrating all dimensions of human and systems development.  It consciously emulates the natural systems to promote an organic, eco-system mindset within an organization.  It is an intentional movement away from an empirical, mechanistic mindset towards a planetary, living system way of thinking and operating that creates long-term resilience, adaptability and change.

  • Develop a regenerative management practice
  • Biomimicry strategy and product/service development 
  • Move from an ego-centric to an eco-centric mindset

Network Literacy and Mapping

Lasting change requires deep, authentic relationships and a keen understanding of the qualities and attributes of your network partners.  We provide network facilitation, mapping and analysis to illuminate your network and inform your strategy.

  • Network Literacy and Analysis
  • Network and Relational Mapping
  • Social Network Analysis

Evolving with Your Organization

The way we work with clients is intentionally metamorphic by design and adapts to the particularities of the business and its evolutionary currents.  We can be certain that tomorrow will be different from today.  Whatever tomorrow brings, we will be ready with you. 

Most likely your business already has its core values nailed down and written on your walls.  We help organizations go well beyond succinct purpose statements, corporate values, sustainability initiates, and leadership techniques into a systems-based awareness that enables transformative change.

We guide businesses into a fundamentally different logic, drawing on the deep wisdom of life, inclusive of the ecosystems of stakeholders and their relationships to the more-than-human world, to thrive within complexity today—for the future.  Whether you are a start up, large corporation, non-profit, institution or other entity in need of council, we'd love to hear from you and join you on your journey toward flourishing.

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