Matthias Roberts on Queerology

and What it Means to be a Queer Person of Faith


Matthias Roberts is Christian and Gay. To many people these categories don’t mix. To Matthias, these aren’t categories. This is simply who he is, a gay Christian man who has not only found the courage to name that as his identity, but also to be a leader and example for everyone who identifies as LGBTQ and is pursuing faith. His driving question is:

“What does it mean to be a queer person of faith?

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Matthias is a podcaster. He hosts Queerology, a weekly podcast where he interviews queer people of faith. He blogs on this subject and is working on two different books. He recently graduated with a masters degree in Theology and Culture and is in his final year in getting his masters in Counseling at the Seattle School of Theology and psychology.

Matthias is a brave soul working on healing those that have been harmed by narrow religious beliefs and helping encourage a sense of infinite belonging to themselves, their identities, and their faith.

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