We are at an evolutionary threshold.  

Our entire economic system is dependent on accelerated growth.  Advancements in science, technology, and psychology have fragmented our understanding of humanity and our purpose.  In this new landscape businesses are scrambling without a foundational identity relevant or courageous enough to create meaningful, long-term change.   Our global economic society continues to perpetuate a worldview of scarcity, which drives consumption and supports the need for continuous growth. 

It is the great work of our time to shift from an industrial growth society to a regenerative, life-sustaining civilization.  

In order to achieve this transformation we need to shift from our cultural identity as consumers, which places the central value on intake, to conscious human beings with a deep capacity to regenerate.  If we restructure our identities, individual and collectively, as expansive and life giving with evolutionary purpose, we can not only grow our businesses, but do it in a way that is eco-centric and honoring of all living things on the earth.

This way forward promotes a foundational reality of growth, abundance, and hope.

“The only thing we can guarantee is that tomorrow will be different from today. Change is the new normal.”
— Joel de Jong, Founder, Limen

We have a choice to act responsibly and to steward our individual and organizational energy away from a machine metaphor towards  regenerative endeavors founded on a life giving paradigm.  

Is this countercultural?  Definitely.

Courageous?  Absolutely.

The Alternative?  Continuing to operate from a shallow place where ideals do not expand beyond consumption, security, personal pleasure, momentary comfort, meaninglessness and planetary ecocide.  In other words...destruction and death. 

We need market leaders to own responsibility and address this evolutionary threshold head on by turning the tide toward a culture of collaboration, relatedness and mutuality.  Organizations that engage an emerging era of regenerative businesses become bold, differentiated, authentic, impactful, and transformative.  They avoid commoditization and continue to grow on a more expansive trajectory.

The question is whether or not you have the courage to engage this reality of our time.  

The choice will likely allow your business to live or die.