A Fully Integrated Framework

A regenerative approach to consulting is a powerful, fully integrated framework that provides coherence for integrating all dimensions of human and organizational development.

“Regeneration has its basis in living systems thinking, a paradigm based on the science of living things, ideas and beliefs about how the world really works. Not how the world should work, but how it does work.”
— Carol Sanford, Regenerative Author and Expert

Everything born makes it clear that life is generated from the inside: DNA, seeds, and nuclear fusion are examples of this universal truth. Businesses are no different, and in order to thrive, a business must first know and bring forth its inherent self.  Therefore a regenerative approach and practice is always authentic because it is grown from the people within organization congruent with their unique nature and purpose.

The Limen Method™ is our regenerative approach to consulting that liberates companies from static thinking and operating and informs a new embodied narrative that is life-giving, agile, and improves the bottom line.

The Limen Method™ is a responsible way to grow a resilient and profitable business.

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Regenerative business goes beyond new leadership techniques, sustainable product innovation, process re-engineering, and the crafting of purposeful mission statements and ethical values charters. Regenerative business is a fundamentally different logic, a timeless logic, drawing on the deep wisdom of life.
— Hutchins, Giles, Author of "Future Fit"